Common Fibers is a full service manufacturing facility specializing in carbon fiber.  With an in-house tooling department CF is your one stop composites shop. 

Utilizing vacuum assisted resin transfer molding and out-of-autoclave pre-preg fabrication, CF can turn your design or current part into a composite part.  CF works with all composite fiber types, such as carbon, glass, and aramid (Kevlar™) fibers they can also source any resin types compatible VARTM and Pre-Preg. Resin types typically found with these processes include epoxy, polyester, and vinyl-ester.

With over 20 years of composites experience Common Fibers can help you get started whether you have a napkin sketch, a full CAD design, or a current OEM non-composite part.  No project is too small or too big.

Reach out with a brief description of the part, some dimensions and the quantity desired and CF will get back to you!

Designed in Seattle. Made in Seattle.